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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

That Lunar Thing!

I wasn't sure just how much of the lunar eclipse I would actually be able to see thanks to a lovely display of cloud cover initially!  With a bit of luck and some wishful thinking however, the clouds parted long enough that I could see that gorgeous 'bloody moon!'

Eventually, the clouds rolled back in and my eyelids got heavy!  So with that, I tipped my toque (the breeze was COLD) and finally say goodnight!  


  1. Wow these are just amazing shots!!!! Amazing!!! So beautiful!

  2. Awe! Cheers Sally! Not my best ... gosh, this was actually the first time I've taken moon shots with this particular lens and I kind of goofed a bit on my settings. Oh well! It was a very cool lunar eclipse!

  3. You are so lucky. I was outside shivering in the dark too, but no such luck. Those stubborn clouds wouldn't blow over. A ll I saw was a little red in the sky, and NO moon! Boohoo! I went to school very tired, along with a bunch of my students who had their parents wake them up to see the eclipse. Oh, well, we had a common story to tell. It looks like Mars was visiting your photos too! Well done, you lucky woman.



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