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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On the Wings of Spring

No ... it wasn't quite looking like Spring today!  
Oh hum, we endured more snow flurries!

The deer population is seemingly unimpressed these days (and Blogger once again darkened an image when uploaded ... grrr!).  HOWEVER, I was happy to find a few birds in the sky that can ONLY me one thing ... Spring!

Not only did I spot this American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) (the smallest of our Falcons) but I spotted two others as well!  Scanning the fields, one could see many Rough-legged Hawks soaring above but I also spotted my first Red-tailed Hawk of the season as well.  Nothing quite says Spring like the piercing scream from Red-tail Hawks!

And the 'Golden' Sign of Spring ... a Golden Eagle!!!

All of these Birds of Prey start migrating home to their summer nesting sites as soon as "Spring" arrives!  Surely with their arrival, more signs of Spring will follow be it on the 'Wings of Spring!' 


  1. I especially like the shot of the barn window -- it tells a story in such a seemingly simple photograph. Really nice.

    1. That window belongs to our little old pump house! It really needs to be replaced but I love it!

  2. Luvin the Golden and Sparrow Hawk...But your weathered red and white!!, fantastic...and you know i'm a bird guy!

    1. I was so excited about the golden eagle and sparrow hawk!!! But yes, red-tails and hawks in general are my love! Why is it red-tails seem to be so difficult to photograph?



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