Welcome to My Little Piece of the Prairies ...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Despite a cold, NW wind howling, overcast skies and the remnants of last nights rain (which was very welcome by the way), I managed to find a few little spots of 'Spring' emerging from the cold, drab, prairie landscape!  Aaah ... the Crocuses (Anemone patens) are beginning to make their beautiful Spring display!  

I absolutely love crocuses, like so many on the prairies do!  So delicate to look at yet so resilient to the harsh environment they emerge from, they are a gift of colour in the Spring!  


  1. Wow …love the amazing texture you get in these photos. So glad you are feeling some spring. I have a feeling you appreciate all the little things spring has to offer more after such a long winter.

  2. Nace la vida...

    Es genial!

  3. I love them too
    i have to drive far far away to see them
    the other side, east side of the Rockies
    these are beautiful
    i found my first wildflowers of the year today



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