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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The American Avocet

Recurvirostra americana

It's true ... we are surrounded by prairie pothole sloughs but don't take them for granted!  There is more to a slough than meets the eye and many are beaming with critters not necessarily common elsewhere!  Showing off their stunning peach breeding plumage, these elegant birds are a unique North American bird. Mainly found in wetlands across western North America; in Canada, portions of Alberta, Saskatchewan and a smidge of of south western Manitoba are home to these birds from May to September.  They like to sweep their long bills along the water's surface, picking up insects,crustaceans and the odd seed.  Adding a vibrant colour to our sloughs in the spring, they are certainly enjoyable characters to watch!  


  1. OMG Terri....Exquisite!! How I love these birds! Thanks for your beautiful work...as always.

  2. Elegant birds! Lovely shots...calm water, beautiful reflections, spring colours! What a great May day!

  3. These are truly amazing shots! I agree with Renee's description. Lovely!

  4. Thank you for the kind words Ladies! The Avocets are such dainty, pretty birds! It was a great first day of May! :)



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