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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


At about 1:30 am this morning, my husband called it quits.  Initially the forecast for the weekend was calling for some much needed rain, hence he was putting in as many hours as he could to get as much seed in the ground before the weekend.  'Murphy' ... they (those darn weather people) changed the forecast.

Well, despite being up into the wee morning hours hooting with the owls, I managed to meet up with Mrs. Great Horned Owl first thing this morning while checking cows.  Is it Olive????  I could tell if I could see her left wing but since Mommy owl was sitting in her nest with two lil' owlets, I thought it best not to disturb.  Besides, judging by the GLARE I was given this morning ... it was not a good time to inquire if she was 'Olive!'  

'Olive' or not, I am always happy to see our Great Horned Owls!


  1. Man Terri thought I liked the first one best till I saw the one of the black and white owl. Love how the eyes really stand out.

  2. Terri these are amazing! Love them all!



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