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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quack! Quack!

When I first moved to this area, something that I really noticed was the number of sloughs and the incredible number of waterfowl that made them home.  Growing up in Southern Alberta, I saw ducks but nothing compared to what we have here.  One is hard pressed to find a puddle not inhabited by some form of waterfowl!  When you truly getting looking at these small bodies of water, its amazing the number of different waterfowl that can be found.  I believe there are at least 4 different kind in this snap shot.  Front and centre with the beautiful white neck, is a Northern Pintail, hiding behind the grass, to its left, is a pair of Blue-Winged Teals, in the background are a couple of Green-Winged Teals, and there is also a mallard crouched down in the grass!

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