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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bath Time for Baby!

I love calving season!  And I really love calving in April and May.  Many years ago, my husband and I sold the 'auction mart' specials that came with our place and bought 30 hereford/red angus cross heifers from Don Dubeau down by Medicine Hat!  This was the start of our herd.  The last few years have brought many changes and we've significantly reduced our herd.  However, with lil' heifer gems like this one ... its likely our herd will slowly increase once again.  Her Mama ... 'Rosie' is one of the first heifers we kept back out of Don's original 30.  She's a sweetie ... that has produced alot of other 'sweeties!'  She definitely keeps her baby clean ... even the ears!  "Oh MOM!"  The boys and I haven't named this newest edition ... not yet!  We'll keep you posted!

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