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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Last BIG Chore ...

With the bales made ... we returned to the field this afternoon to help the boys load the last of the bales onto the flat deck!  I'm not sure what the exact temperature was but I don't think any of my lads overly enjoyed this lil' chore with the sun beating down and the thermometer likely reaching around the 30C mark.  However ... they were troopers and got the job done!!!

... Although at one point, their Dad reminded them that this would certainly help build their "pipes!"  Haha!  They boys laughed knowing I took a picture but certainly groaned at their Dad for his comic relief!  LOL!  

Eventually, we reached the final two bales ... and you have to take a ride up the bale elevator at that point!  

Woo Hoo!  DONE!



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