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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I am ...

♬ I am 16, going on 17 and Baby its COLD outside!!!!♬

Clarabell ... the granny of our house will turn 17 this year!  She is my cuddle cat and arrived as a kitten via a surprise from the neighbours many moons ago with a little red ribbon and bow around her neck!  Once a mighty hunter, she now prefers the coziness of our home and on -28C mornings with windchills reaching -37C .... who wouldn't prefer sitting in the window and soaking up the morning sun?   (Hmm ... note to self:  clean dog  nose print ART off window!)


  1. such a pretty kitty
    deep in silent stance

  2. very nice, I luv me some kitty's

  3. Funny about the dog art! Your cat is gorgeous!

    Isn't it so ironic? Lately it has been so darn cold, but the sun has been shining so brightly! Saturday the sunshine felt so warm through our front room window, I didn't want to budge off of the couch either. Imagine how much sleep we could get if we were all cats? Sigh!

    I have a cuddle cat too. She is only about four years old, but every year she becomes more cuddly. Yesterday, after work, my kitty jumped on my chest and laid on me with her face next to mine. Ahhhhhhh. So cute!

    1. If only I could sell my dog nose print art! LOL! There are new additions DAILY! Ha ... Doggie Daily's! Bahaha!
      It has been so cold! UGH!
      I think everyone should have a cuddle cat!



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