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Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Bit of Glow

Well, the skies cleared but the temperature plummeted!  I am certain the aurora borealis did a bit of a dance after I came in from the great outdoors but at -34C and extreme wind chill warnings of -40C and below ... this gal did not hang outside any longer than she had to!


  1. these are both exquisite!
    love the colors and zen feeling to the landscape.
    the movement of the starry sky is dreamy beautiful too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Matt! Here's hoping the clouds and aurora cooperate for me one of these nights!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the swirly sky - I would love to capture one of these myself but even without your minus 40 degree temperatures I don't know that I would have the patience to wait long enough for the exposure!

    1. Hi Janice! Thank you so much for the kind words and for visiting! I definitely didn't stay out as long as I usually do but it helps having hand warmers tucked in your gloves! ;)



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