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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Waiting ...

We headed into Calgary for a 'Shower-Q' today!  Shower-Q?  It was a joint, 'his and her' wedding shower and barbecue and it was wonderful!  However, we had to wait for the train ... and waiting for the train is okay, especially when your vehicle is full of boys!


  1. Ooooo, I love this shot in black and white! I am half expecting to see The Lone Ranger and Tonto to suddenly appear! We just saw the new movie , and the setting was at the time of building the railroad! I love Johnny Depp as Tonto!

    1. What is it about trains that we all love? The boys really want to see that movie and so do I. I love Johnny! If this weather doesn't cooperate we just might make it over to the movie theatre!



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