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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer's Saviours!

I've always been fascinated with damselflies and dragonflies!  Perhaps it was their 'boogily-googily' eyes!  Haha!  All I know for certain, is that they are saviours in the summer when it comes to reducing the mosquito population!   And trust me, if you are stuck in a hayfield ... damselflies and dragonflies are a very welcome sight!

So back to the 'never-ending' hayfield it was (or so it feels like it will never end!).  We are baling both small square bales and large round bales in this field.  It was a great day for haying but the clouds did finally roll in!  Alas, there was no rain ... at least not while we were still there.  Hopefully the rains stay away and we can finish up in the next day or so!  


  1. Damsels and dragonflies are a fascinating subject! I bet people all across Alberta and Saskatchewan wish there were more of them. Those nasty mosquitoes are everywhere, even in my house! Grrrr!

    Love the colours and the googly eyes! Interesting skies, too!

    1. Nasty mosquitoes YES! Rotten things! LOL! At least they've been tamed down by the birds and googily-eyed bugs! :)



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