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Sunday, July 28, 2013

In the Mirror

Somedays, seeing life in the rearview OR side view mirror emphasizes just how fast your day has gone and it makes you a bit frustrated ... or least it does me!  My hubby started knocking down more hay early this morning and in between a few little rain showers, we gathered cows and calves and trailed them home.  After sorting out the yearling heifers and doctoring some cows, with some 'unexpected interruptions' during the whole process, we were finally able to trail 'the girls' to pasture once again.  The yearling heifers will remain at home for a few days but they too will be moved out to another pasture.  Needless to say, we accomplished what we set out to do today but the day went by much too fast ... despite it being a VERY LONG day!


  1. Don't know how you get so much done in one day. I'm tired just reading about it

    1. Haha! The list never really ends so we just hope to get 'something' accomplished! I wouldn't trade my life but I wouldn't mind a small hiatus from it once in awhile! LOL! Perhaps in a location with an ocean view! :)



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