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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Healing Spirit

 Dogs are not our whole life, 
but they make our lives whole.  
~Roger Caras

Sweet, sweet Gambler!  Awe ... this lab-collie cross came into our world almost 3 years ago!  We adopted him with a very battered and broken spirit.  It was so broken, that he feared the man of our house for almost 2 years which broke my husband's heart!  However, with LOTS of patience, Gambler has grown pretty sweet on that 'man of the house!'  In fact, nobody can quit give ear scratches like that 'man of the house,' so Gambler tends to favour sitting by him whenever he can!

We think poor Gambler will always carry around some baggage from the past but he has come such a long way!  He loves his forever family and we love him!  He seems to be a much happier boy!  His spirit is healing.


  1. What a fortunate dog to be adopted by such a loving family, who are farmers and have lots of space to run, tumble and chase. It looks like you finally had some down time to enjoy the day and your dog, Your photos are delightful and show that special bond between Gambler and your hubby! Congrats!

    1. Oh how I wish he could talk, yet his actions and reactions have spoke volumes! He was only 10 months old when we adopted him but wow, someone did a great job scarring him for life. :( He LOVES the boys and he is my shadow! He is certainly a sweety! Now, if only he would learn to stay away from porcupines! He and the huskyX like to find them!



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