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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Haying Season Has Begun!

 My boys opened up the first field late yesterday afternoon and starting early this morning, they were back cutting hay!  This is my husband's favourite season on the farm (along with seeding and harvest!  Haha!).  I have to agree with him, so I will admit, I do enjoy haying for the most part!  Like anything ... it has it's days!  However, there is something about the sweet smell of the alfalfa and the other grasses being cut that is appealing!

Our boys each took turns 'helping Dad' drive the tractor and together they finished cutting this field by mid-afternoon.  In a few days (depending on weather) we should be raking and baling what has been cut!  This will be life for the next few weeks!  Happy haying everyone!  Here's to some sunny, warm, haying weather!


  1. "Is that you, Alfalfa?" (From the Little Rascals)

    There's your little guy feeling so proud driving the tractor with daddy!

    Maybe he could drive the tractor over to our little acreage and cut our alfalfa? Every year we have trouble getting ours cut and bailed. It is such a small field, it is a shame to have to buy expensive equipment just for two cuts a year, but maybe it is time to bite the bullet and get rid of the headache of relying on others to help out?

    Tell me, how do you train alfalfa to grow in the field and not in your flower beds? Man their roots grow deep!

    1. Tis' me, Alfalfa! Haha! That lil' man was proud as punch! If your field was closer, we would gladly head your way with the equipment. Brad actually just bought a used square baler! I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to the 10,000 small square bales that he hopes to put up! UGH! I kinda like the round baler! Hee Hee! Hmm ... alfalfa in your flower beds! Well, they do have pretty flowers! LOL! Pull them when they are young ... or bring the horses up for a nibble! LOL!

  2. Oh, did you say small square bales? Jeff would be in heaven, round bales and those humungous square bales as large as a small car, are a huge pain in the butt for us when we don't have a tractor big enough to handle them.

    Pretty flowers all right, but the alfalfa suffocates my poor lilies! Get them while they are young, that means I have to be diligent and be in the flower bed 24/7! Hmmm, then I wouldn't miss the Northern Lights... I thought about the horses, but how can I train them to ONLY eat the alfalafa? LOL

    1. I did say small square bales! We are still putting all our cow feed into large round ones but yes, there are very few guys that bale feed up into small squares anymore. My husband foresees a bit of a market in that so off to the hayfield with the small square baler we go! You and your hubby should consider looking for a used small square baler. It might be worth the investment for you in the long run. If you were closer ... I'd come and bale your hay for you!

      Hmm ... it sounds like you are just going to have to keep weeding! LOL!



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