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Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting Ready ...

The boys were up VERY EARLY with excitement this morning!  They were off to Drumheller, AB to the DORVA MX track for a Motocross School with Pro rider, George De Graaf.  Making sure their dirt bikes were clean before they left, their Dad gave them a helping hand hosing down their bikes!  Aaaah ... if only they knew it was going to rain and they would be riding in the mud!  Haha!  Day two of the school is tomorrow and hopefully the sun will shine in Drumheller.


  1. Terri, you make an ordinary bike wash look magical!

    I hope the weather cooperates for the motocross school!

    1. Haha ... thanks Renee! It's amazing what a lil' mist adds to an image! The boys had rain in Drumheller the first day, so their riding time was shortened in the afternoon but they had fantastic weather the next day. George Degraaf was an excellent role model/coach. OMG! I can't believe how much the boys improved. (Now I am really scared!)



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