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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


What a crazy week!!!  It managed to get ahead of me but I still managed to get some photos in the process!  Good thing ... the Aurora Borealis have been superb!  


  1. Girl, these are spectacular! I am going to have to tell my teacher friends to check these out. They do Aurora art with their grade two students every year! I love how you capture the lights, stars, and still are able to capture a silhouette of the vegetation and landscape in black...instead of the wacky colour I got. I have written down the settings you gave me, and am excited to try them out!

    1. Aurora Art? That sounds wonderful! Thanks for the kind words Renee! You know, you might just have to do a road trip this summer to north of the #9 HWY! I'll provide the hot chocolate ... you bring you camera, tripod and BUG SPRAY!!!



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