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Friday, July 19, 2013

A Lesson on Haying and a Life Lesson!

So today was the day ... the boys wanted to start baling on their own!  With that request, their Dad went over the in's and out's and the RULES!  He rode a few rounds with each of them just to make sure they had it under control and soon my babes were off like lil' farm men, baling square bales!

They each took turns driving the tractor, while the other watched the baler, ensuring the bales were tying properly.  Travel with the square baler is at a very 'slow' pace, so it's perfect for the boys driving the tractor and learning how to square bale.

When a problem arose, the boys turned everything off and usually 'pulled up a stump' ... I mean bale, and awaited their Dad.  

We couldn't be more proud of our lads today!  They worked together and they worked hard!  The tractor didn't have air conditioning, so it was hot and they put in about 7 hours of baling.  However, the boys have also wanted to start building their own cow herd.  Aside from 'Lucky and Miss Lily,' the boys each purchased a yearling heifer this spring!  In order to pay for the heifers, the boys are having to do chores and help with things like 'baling' in order to pay off their 'heifer loans!'  So, a bit of a life lesson ... nothing comes cheap and you have to earn the things you want!

Well, we raked and baled until about 7:00pm and then a little rain cloud 'showered' on our baling parade!  With that, we had supper and headed for home!  Tomorrow will be a new day!


  1. In a time when many kids have the feeling of entitlement, it is wonderful to know that there are families like yours who still believe that in order to get something, something has to be done to earn it! You are doing the right thing with raising your boys, Terri! They will appreciate what they get and will take care of it on their own without expecting other people to do the work for them!

    The boys must feel so proud! I also love the fact that they are working together, have a common dream and are helping each other to make the dream come true!

    The photo of the boys sitting on the bale all suited up in their team jerseys looking over their fruits of labour, and I imagine, dreaming of their herd, is so precious!!

    A beauty of a sunset! Ahhhhhh, looks so refreshing and relaxing after a long day on farming!

    1. The work ethic of so many people (young and surprisingly older as well, drives us crazy! What happened? When did it happen and how did it happen? Where did our morals go? I am thankful we live in a rural area and have the farm. I wouldn't want to raise our kids anywhere else.

      The boys were VERY proud! I love listening to them tell people that they were 'baling' for their Dad! It was a beauty of a sunset and it was so enjoyable driving home with that scene in my rearview mirror! :)



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