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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Tale of 'Lucky' Continues ...

Our 'Lucky' Story

April 14, 2011 ... 'Lucky' the heifer was born and orphaned and spent the first 3 days in our back porch!  Determined to raise her, our boys promised to feed and look after her!  She returned to the cow herd but 'us humans' were her family!  She had a summer full of boy hood adventures!  How many calves go snail hunting?  

The boys kept their promise and fed and groomed and fed, fed, fed and fed Lil' Miss Lucky all summer long!  

Joined at each other's hip ... Lucky would even greet our oldest after school if she happened to be at the house and not in the pasture with the cow herd!!! (She managed to spend a great deal of time at the house!)

Eventually, over the summer and into the fall, the boys weaned Lucky off of her 'bottle' and off of the milk replacement.  Two years later and just a few days earlier than when 'Lucky' was born ... our Lucky Girl became a Mom today!  

Meet the newest addition to our Tale of Lucky ... 'Lily!'

Our boys were quite excited to see their 'Lucky Girl' grow up and not only become a mom but to see that their herd size just doubled!  I think 'Miss Lily' will be a sweet addition to the boys herd!  


  1. Beautiful story about your Lucky! Miss Lily is a gorgeous addition. How sweet she is. The boys must be so proud! The photo of
    Lily by herself is sooooo adorable. Her hair looks like a well loved teddy bear. Oooooh, I could just squeeze her.

    They are my favourite colour of cows!

    1. Lucky is quite the gal and yes, the boys are very proud! She is pretty darn CUTE!!!! I have a sneaky suspicion that she might get a great deal of attention! (our favourite colour of cows too! LOL!)

  2. Firs6 I'VE HEARD OF Lucky!! What a tale, and tell her congrat's from me! Such darling photos...of the boys and of her & her calf. Especially love the lawt one. Again Terri, THANKYOU! for sharing. XXX

    1. Lucky graced the first year of my blog a few times Gena. She was and still is quite the character! Seeing the boys with her that first summer was very precious! I have to say revisiting those old photographs got me teary eyed! We were very proud of the boys for raising her as well as they did! :)



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