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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Lack of Spring ...

Another mainly overcast and cool day.  Spring weather has certainly been lacking these days!  However, the forecast shows a 'possibility' of almost warm-like, double digit temperatures by the weekend!  Could it be true?  *sigh* ... only time will tell.  I hope so!  I am ready for fresh, green cattails ... for that matter, I am just ready for spring!


  1. I'm rooting for you to get to those spring temperatures. We are getting snow too with giant flakes again. Very grey indeed! However, the grass is getting very green, so I think the grass at least is enjoying the moisture! :) Many birds are returning so at least there are some good things happening in this goofy weather!

    1. I spoke with my aunt yesterday from MH and she told me about the snow and rain! You guys have been so dry I am sure it was very welcome moisture! Add that sunny, southern heat and green grass galore (at least for a bit!) There have been a few birds returning but its been SLOW! I chuckled during the snow storm on the weekend ... I took a pic of snow geese heading SOUTH! The big migration has yet to happen. Hopefully soon!



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