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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunset on Long Lake

So shines the setting sun on adverse skies, and paints a rainbow on the storm.  
~Isaac Watts

I think for many of us familiar with Long Lake (Farrell Lake), we pass it by without a moments thought ... after all its just a big, old, shallow, alkali lake found out in the middle of the Alberta prairie!  Alas, beauty is within the 'eye of the beholder' and Long Lake was looking pretty beautiful as the sun set!


  1. Ah, so calm! The colours of each season are so grand! Makes me want to take a day off and go fishing!

    1. As much as we complain about the seasons and the changing of them, each season truly is amazing and I couldn't imagine living without all 4! Hope you get a day off soon to enjoy perhaps one more fishing trip!



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