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Monday, October 22, 2012

Nature's Crystal

Are those the magic fairy wands
glistening on the tree 
or only winter icicles that I see?
~Author Unknown

The sun returned today but I don't think the temperature ever got above freezing.  No, it wasn't COLD but one certainly needs to bundle up a bit before heading outside!  It's hard to believe a week ago our trees still had an abundance of leaves and today most are grey and bare.  However, there are gems to be found and this tree in particular, was shimmering in nature's crystal!  


  1. Oh how they sparkle.
    Oh how they shine.

    So far no snow here, just the cold north wind. We will see what he brings us tonight.

    1. Hahaha ... I think it's there now Renee! LOL! It's here as well ... cold, blowing and just plain 'yuck!'



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