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Monday, October 15, 2012

Afternoon Attitude!

Meet 'Clarabell!'  Yes, the Calico Cat with Cattitude!  Despite it being a 'gorgeous' fall day, she is never short on her attitude either!  The warm sun returned and I believe we reached a high of 18C today.  However, despite 'Clara's basking in the sun,' she strategically sat by the front door ALL day, waiting for her opportunity to get back in the house!  Clara will be 15 years old this fall and my senior lady figures she should bask in the sun from inside the house and not outside!  On cold days I agree with her but unfortunately, on beautiful days, she doesn't get my sympathy!  Needless to say, her strategic planning usually works to her favour and she always seems to get back in the house and back to her 'spot' in a timely manner!

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