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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Prairie Snow Day ...

Hard to imagine that the temperature reached a high of 19C yesterday and we woke to the white stuff this morning!  Ah ... the weather in Alberta, I guess that's why we always say "wait 5 minutes" and it will change.  The sun is supposed to return for a day or two but there is more snow in the forecast as well!  Have a great weekend everyone!  Cheers!


  1. Hmmmmm...what is that white furry substance? Perhaps a photoshop effect. But whatever it is it's kind of pretty....Aloha

    1. Hahaha ... I think you know all to well what that white stuff is and AVOID it like crazy by hanging out in Hawaii!! We are supposed to have more of it this week! I guess it was a good thing we finished the flax the other day and got our equipment put away! Besides, Halloween is around the corner and it just wouldn't be the same if the kids weren't dressed in snowsuits and costumes!!! Hope all is well! Thanks for stopping by Dennis! ... If you really miss that white stuff you are welcome to come visit eh! LOL!



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