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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mmm... mmm... mmm! My Saskatoons Are Ready!

The saskatoons in my yard are loaded ... and the wild saskatoons out in the native pastures are loaded; it is definitely shaping up to be a fantastic saskatoon berry harvest!!  In other words ... my berry thieves left some for us (July 21st post)!  Haha!  If you have never heard of saskatoons, they are native to the prairies and not only are they delicious ... they are very, very good for you!  Check out this link if you would like to learn more www.canadasfood.com/history_products/saskatoon_berries.php or just search 'saskatoon berries (amelanchier alnifolia), there is a ton of information on them.  And if you want to try them ... just come and help me pick!  I was glad to see the lil' caterpillar chose the leaf over those berries!

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