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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Olive" the Owl Update and The 1952 Chev!

Well, the lil' Great Horned Owl that we rescued from the barbwire fence, is doing well over at the Medicine River Wildlife Centre (www.medicineriverwildlifecentre.ca).  The owl is in fact a she ... which the boys then deemed as "Olive!"  She had muscle damage to her wing but did not break her wing!!!  Thank goodness!  She is residing with an adopted sibling that was found with a similar injury and circumstance, along with an adult Great Horned Owl.  They are hoping to move them to the outside enclosure soon and if all goes well ... they are hoping they can bring not only "Olive" but her newly adopted sibling back home to release in the next couple of weeks!  That's exciting!  

Aside from the owl news ... it was just another busy day!  The clouds finally moved off and the sun returned!  I think if the ole' 1952 Chev "chop" truck can weather the storms and still come out running (which it does) ... I guess I won't complain!

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