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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Skiing Anyone?

Ooooops ... I know, I've done it again!  I fell off the posting blog wagon!  In my defence its been much too beautiful to be inside and on a computer!!!  Alas, I have been snapping images, I just haven't posted them but hoping to catch them up today!  

On this particular day, our boys were fortunate enough to travel with their school to the Valley Ski Hill, near Alliance, Alberta!  What a prairie gem!  I've always heard of the ski hill and its not far away but we've never made it there!  Sign us up!  We'll be back as a family next year!

The boys have only skied one other time, and that was just after Christmas!  After practicing on the 'Bunny Hill' they wanted a bit more of an adventure, so off to the big hill and runs it was!

Where BIG brother goes ... LITTLE brother follows!

Someone was getting brave and a bit WILD!  

There was suddenly a need for speed!  
(This Mom isn't so sure about turning these 2 loose on a ski hill!!!)

It was a gorgeous day and although Spring is not officially here, you could've fooled anyone on the ski hill!  It was certainly Spring-skiing at its finest!  

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  1. Hi Ryley & Brady, Grandma and Grandpa Wilkins are very proud of you, especially after the first ski lessons we got for you in late December 2014 at Canyon Ski Hill in Red Deer. Looks like they paid off big time and you really had a great time skiing at Alliance.



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