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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Haul It Away!

So here it is!!!  The LAST day of Winter and the last day of Seasons 365 Year Three!  I found it rather appropriate to see the Tonka trucks in action ... hauling the snow to a puddle!  This line up of Tonka equipment has worked through all four seasons every year since the boys were little (the boys each received their dump trucks when they were born!)  Trust me when I say "they've seen a lot of miles!"

Over the past week, we've certainly enjoyed Spring-like weather!  The snow is giving away to the prairie ground and Spring officially arrives tomorrow morning!  Fingers crossed it actually arrives ... hmm, SNOW is in the forecast!  (SHOCKING!!!  Haha!)


  1. such wonderful photos of your boys at work/play!
    love the matching worn caps.

    we have fresh snow for springs arrival.....

  2. They are going to have to work really hard to haul all that snow away. These photos are so precious. I asked my son the other day if he wanted to get out his trucks and play like the good ole days. Unfortunately, he now has his grown up truck and doesn't want to play with his dump trucks like he used to. Boohoo! Where does the time go?

    It is blizzarding right now here for our first day of spring. What up with that?

    Welcome back and congrats for completing another year!



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