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Friday, February 15, 2013

Vantage Point

Why is it that I never have my 300mm lens when I need it?  Then again, why is it, that a "Nikkor Lens Fairy" hasn't sent me my dream AF-S Nikkor 400mm f/2.8 G ED VR with a 2x teleconverter???  Hahahaha ... Friday humour!!!  Well, as luck would have it, this female, Sharp-tailed Grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus) decided to perch herself up in a tree not too far from me while I was out for a Friday afternoon stroll with all of my boys and my lil' 85mm lens!  LOL!

Many people refer to this 'sensitive' species as a "Prairie Chicken" and you certainly do a double take when you see a chicken-like bird sitting high up in a tree!  The Sharp-tailed Grouse is a native game bird that one tends to encounter when small flocks of them burst into flight from long, thick grass.

During the summer months, the Sharp-tailed grouse have a diet made up of insects, seeds and grasses.  In the winter, they focus their diet on buds and berries!  Perhaps this grouse was checking out the rose-hip patch just below her!  Grouse 'snow roost' during the winter months and are very well equipped for our winter climate!  So there you have it ... Sharp-tailed Grouse lesson 101 on a Friday!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Sehr schöne Bilder.
    Was ist das für eine Vogelart?

    1. Danke! Hmm ... Arten in Englisch bezieht sich auf die biologische Gruppe, Rang / Bestellung von lebenden Organismen, die ähnlich sind. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das ein hilfreicher explaination ist?

    2. The name of this bird?

    3. Es ist eine scharfe-tailed grouse genannt, aber viele bezeichnen es als "prairie chicken." :)

  2. Wow, even I had to do a double take looking at your photo. I have never seen a Sharp-Tailed Grouse in a tree! I have been scared out of my wits by them fleeing from the long ditch grass though!

    What's up with the Nikor Lens Fairy? She hasn't been my way either, gesh!



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