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Monday, February 25, 2013

The City Mouse, The Country Mouse and Their Winter Treasure Hunt

Although it might seem like I fell off the radar for a few days, the truth is my fellow photog friend from the city came for a visit.  With camera's in hand and snowshoes strapped on our feet ... we spent the entire weekend seeking out prairie treasures!  

From old equipment, historic buildings to abandoned farm yards and roads less travelled ... it was amazing what we found! 


  1. I am jealous that I couldn't have been in that old house taking photos with you. I love going into old houses to see what part of the past has been left behind. I cant't believe all of that remains in the house. What wonderful treasures you found. The colours are amazing.

    1. We found some amazing treasures! We actually were in an old historic stone school and a stone house, I am certain built by the same gentleman! The school was incredible ... very well looked after! I loved the house ... although a bit eerie!!! You are welcome to come anytime!!!



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