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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh That Drifting Snow ...

If you're not from the prairie,
You don't know the wind,
You can't know the wind.
Our cold winds of winter cut right to the core ...
~David Bouchard

The sky was blue, the temperatures were mild ... but the WIND was wild!  Thank goodness the temperatures were as mild as they were (-1C) and it wasn't snowing!  The roads are a mess as it is!


  1. Youser! I have no idea how to spell that, but that's what Scooby Doo would say! I was wondering today how you would fare from the winds!

    Beautiful blue sky though!

    1. Scooby Doo would say that! LOL! I had a friend who knew of some folks travelling to the Hat yesterday and I caught myself saying ..."at least they'll be out of this wind!" Bahaha ... then I corrected myself and said "if it's this windy here ... Lord Love a Duck ... it will be gale force down there!" Yes, even with the snow being so packed and crusty from a few days of balmy weather ... it was certainly on the move yesterday! Thank goodness the sky was blue and the sun was shining!

    2. LOL! Too funny!

      You know the wind!

      I was watching the poor Canada Geese struggling against the wind. I can't remember ever seeing them struggle to fly like that before!

      I have met David Bouchard, I am sure you would find him a very interesting inspiring person!

    3. I do know the wind ... apparently I was having a "north of the #9 moment!" Haha! How lucky are you to have met David Bouchard! His book "If You're Not From the Prairie" is one of my absolute fav's!

  2. Aber die Bilder sind wunderschön geworden.
    Hier in Deutschland gibt es soviel Schnee recht selten zu sehen =)

    1. Wir hätten ein schöner Tag war es für diese verflixte Wind nicht gewesen! Zumindest war es nicht schneit oder wir hätten einen Schneesturm! Winter wäre nicht das gleiche ohne Schnee in diesen Teilen. Wir hatten eine sehr ungewöhnlich milde Winter im letzten Jahr mit wenig Schnee und es war seltsam! Wir waren so etwa Trockenheit im Frühjahr und Sommer besorgt, aber zum Glück hatten wir viel regen!



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