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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Darn Magpies!

My yard is being taken over by 'magpies!'  Aaaaaaaah!  Darn, crazy birds!  With the exception of the 2 second snow-pellet flurry that we had this morning when I took this, we reached a high of +5C I believe.  Pretty sweet temperatures for the beginning of February.  The clouds rolled in and out, along with the sun all day.  I made the mistake of refilling my bird feeders for the chickadees, red polls, nut hatches and even swallows ... apparently, just so the magpies could move back in and be bullies!  At one point, I believe there were 9 magpies causing a raucous outside!  Magpies, anyone?


  1. When I was eighteen some friends and I went duck hunting....just north of Calgary. We never saw a duck that day but we did see a magpie on a fence line. We were in two vehicles and everybody in both vehicles was looking at it...rookies right! The other car in front of me decided to stop and take a shot. Meanwhile, I was still moving looking at that %$#^& bird and I plowed into the back of their car...Oh ya I've been wanting some pie for a while now! I'll have the tune for you shortly. Did you catch the Dodge commercial during the superbowl...same thing eh!

    1. Bahahahahaha ... oh that is too funny! Now, how did you explain that one to your folks??? You are welcome to take revenge on some of our magpies anytime! I did see the Dodge commercial ... gotta love Paul Harvey's old poem! I'll be waiting for your tune! Hope your Hawaiian winter has been treating you kindly ... I'm ready for SPRING!

    2. They were none too happy! Especially because we decided to keep hunting after we got the other car towed away...I think that was our downfall.

  2. A pain, but they are beautiful against the snow!



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