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Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Winter's Day ... Scouting!

After the wind howled through the night, the boys, their Dad and myself headed up past Shooting Lake for a day of Winter Cub Scout activities! 

Brr ... I found it a bit cold (but I will admit ... my fingers are wimpy in the cold!)

The kids had plenty of fun snowshoeing, they cooked their own meals on their own homemade heat sources, learned about tying knots, building shelters and gained some great winter camping/winter survival tips throughout the day!  

There might have been a few cold fingers at the end of the day but I think they also learned the importance of dressing appropriately for the conditions and how to appreciate a good cup of hot chocolate at the end of the day!  


  1. Your boys are so fortunate to have such winter experiences! I still can't believe how much snow you have. Friday almost all of our snow disappeared. it snowed most of Saturday and it tried all day today, but there is only a dusting!

    I have started to always carry a pair of those "magic mitties" in my camera bag and one of those little heating packs that warm up when you shake them. The camera makes my fingers soooo cold.

    1. We do still have quite a bit of snow but it's amazing how much has disappeared as well! There have been plenty of 'things' I've wanted to take photos of this winter but one just can't access certain things due to the snow. The boys have a blast in the winter time. We've always tried to encourage just as many winter activities as the rest of the year. The only thing I haven't done and need to do is ride the horses but it's been so icy.

      I usually wear a pair of small cotton gloves under a big pair of mitts! I can operate my camera with the cotton gloves and then warm them back up in the mitts. Most days my hands are okay and then there are some days my hands are cold before I have even started and I am doomed! I ended up giving my little gloves to my eldest yesterday and that did me in! My finger tips are still a bit tender this am!



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