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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Snow Dogs!

These two CRAZY hounds arrived on the scene just over a year ago!  Adopted from the local Humane Society, we gave them their 'forever' home!  The black lab cross ... aka 'Gambler' arrived with 'issues!'  Broken, deflated and fearful of adults, especially men, at the ripe age of 10 months, he is certainly a different hound today!  He has rekindled his 'puppy spirit' and has replaced fear with 'trust!'  He has become my 'shadow' and loves his people family and his partner in crime, Ri-Dog!  He's quirky, soft natured and really beginning to grow into a fine character.  Although its been a struggle at times (it would be so much easier if they could just talk and tell you about their past), Gambler is finally at HOME!

That goofy looking husky cross hound is our Ri-Dog!  Over this past year, I have gained a huge appreciation for the spirit and athleticism of sled dogs!  WOW!  Never have I ever experienced a dog that can run and run and run ... and then continue running some more!  At the age of 2, when they said he needed lots of exercise, I don't even think the Humane Society had any idea to the full extent of this crazy hound's 'energy!'  It is truly amazing!  Ri-dog has a golden spirit as big as the energy he runs with.  He is just 'happy' all the time and he thinks he is a lap dog!  He is very charismatic and funny! It broke my heart when I learned he had been up for adoption for over 5 months but so glad we took the plunge and brought him into our world!  He loves life and all of us!

Give these two fresh snow to romp in and watch the entertainment, especially Ri-dog!  Perhaps we should attempt hooking him up with a harness and sled!


  1. Sweet shots Terri...luvin the rescue!!

    1. Cheers Ted! These two certainly add to the entertainment around our home!

  2. Love this post Terri...Such beautiful doggies. Bless you for rescuing these beautiful guys. And man do you ever have the SNOW!! Ours is all gone, and the evil ice left by last w/e's rain as well! But a change is a-coming! XX to all. Hey how about some photos of your Christmas tree?

    1. Awe! Thanks Gena! You will certainly have to meet them someday! They are quite the crew! Gambler is a completely different dog but is certainly still growing. However, just sweet and Ri-dog ... omg, I have no idea how nobody took the time to get past his boundless energy to just see what an amazing lad he is!

      SNOW ... want some? Hahaha ... yes, we lost most of it at one point but it didn't take long before it was back and now, I don't think it will be going anywhere! I'll take pics of the tree as soon as it's up! (I know ... it's still outside! Ooops ... behind this year!) xx back at ya!



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