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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Laces by Grandpa!

Not only did the boys enjoy their first ever hockey tournament but just to make their day that much more special, Grandpa was there to tie their laces!  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for making the trek to watch a game!  Grandpa, thanks for tying their hockey skates, the boys were stoked about that!


  1. Ya...there's nothing like skates tied by an adult at that age....nice and tight. Nice unies! That's probably not a word outside of hockey but that's what we would say if we liked the uniform. I'm enjoying all your winter pics. The world does look different with the white stuff hanging around. I especially like the black and white Ansel Adam...ish scenery. I'm going to send you the tune after things settle down in the new year. Keep the fog lights on....Dennis

    1. Yes, my oldest prefer's that 'Mom' doesn't tie his skates because she can't get them as tight as 'Dad' ... or Grandpa! LOL! Glad you're enjoying the winter pics! It's actually nice to see the white stuff! Last year made us nervous not having really any ... thank goodness for the spring rains! Looking forward to hearing the 'tune!' Chat with you soon Dennis!



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