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Friday, November 30, 2012

School on a Day Like Today ... 100 Yrs Ago!!

It's not that cold outside at -12C but it is certainly foggy and dreary!  Looking at the old Heart Lake School that was established 100 years ago in 1912, I can only imagine how 'tough' the children were that attended this school!  Composed of one room, built out of boards, and standing alone out on the prairie ... exposed to the elements!  Heated school buses certainly did not usher the children to and from the school!  It amazes me that such history still stands on our prairies and on days like today you can almost step back in time!


  1. Could you imagine having to walk to school in a blizzard wondering if you will actually survive the cold prairie windchills? Good grief! The children from back then would be mystified about all of the changes brought about since then.

    1. Mystified indeed! I look at this little, one room school each time I drive by it and just think WOW! I can't even fathom some of the weather and hardships children and families went through for an education.



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