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Friday, November 9, 2012

Feeding Time

With the heifers all home and the snow flying, 'feeding time' is back in the daily routine! The boys said "Mom, why don't you feed the cows when were not home?"  My response was "because I love your company!"  Truth is ... they are a great help, I love that they are outside and learning the rope's and I do love their company!  Ever since both boys were babies, I've bundled them up and taken them in the tractor with me to chore.  I guess old habits die hard.  The only problem, my boys keep growing and it's getting a little 'tight' in the cab of the tractor!


  1. One day soon they are going to ask to drive you to the field and then they will be very excited that you waited until they got home to feed the cattle!

    1. YIKES!!! I know! Their Dad has let them drive the tractor a couple of times in the field which gives them very big ideas!!!



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