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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The '53 Chevy!

I didn't want to subject you to yet another combine/harvest picture ... at least not today.  But between the field and home and not much in between, it's sometimes hard to 'switch' things up a bit.  However, I did have to run for parts this afternoon (please don't ask!) and the boys favourite conversation piece south of us is still there!  Yes, not only does Long Lake still have water in it (always a bonus at this time of year) but the 1953 Chevy is still holding up the fence.  Well, perhaps 'holding up' is not the right term ... the fence is looking a little tired!


  1. It is great how all the little parts are sticking up and how the light is going through them! I can only dream up a great story about how the car got there. It is funny how the Chevy appears to be a fancy fence post! The car made a very interesting reflection!



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