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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rusty Roses and Naked Trees?

How Can That Be?

Hmm ... Fall was certainly in the air today!  Crisp, cool and at times a bit wet!  And although the rain put a damper on harvest it was actually nice to have the wee bit of rain that we did!  Alas, our combine would not have been field ready today anyhow!  LOL!

It's on these cooler September days that one really notices that summer is disappearing rapidly!  The leaves on the rose bushes have turned rusty orange, yellow and red.  The rose hips are plump and vibrant and some of the aspens, depending on their location, have yes, already lost their leaves and are naked!!!  Although the forecast is for a bit of cloud, the sun and heat are supposed to return by the weekend.  The combine was fixed and running by the end of the day so, fingers crossed, we will be back in the field very soon! 

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