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Thursday, September 13, 2012

As The Sun Set ...

On this beautiful evening, I headed down to retrieve my 2 lil' farm boys!  They were helping their Dad take off another hopper of peas!  I love the view we have from the big hill in this field.  You can see for miles!  After another hopper was emptied into the grain truck, my other 'farm boy' decided to 'call it a night!'  So for now, the combine will rest.  However, it won't rest for long!


  1. I must feel so wonderful to be able to look at the horizon and see wide open spaces.

    1. It's heaven Renee! I always tease my husband that it's a good thing he lives where he does, I can still see horizons!!! I guess that's the southern Alberta prairie girl in me! I don't like things obstructing my view! LOL!



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