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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Tragic Goodbye ...

Having to say good bye to animal who has been a part of your world for so long is one thing but tragically having them taken away, is definitely another.  My mare, known as 'Spritz' appears to have been mauled and killed by a cougar.  Not the way you want your beloved horses life to end.  I had raised 'Spritz' out of my Mom's mare, broke her, trained her and have had her in my world for almost 23 yrs.  She was a damn fine horse, who had character and quirks.  She had the kindest eyes and the most beautiful flaxen mane and tail I have ever seen.  I can't even begin to add up the hours we spent together through the years ... a girl loves her horse and she was definitely mine!  It was an honour to have had her in my world for as long as I did, yet definitely not ready to say 'good-bye.'  They say 'horses lend us the wings we lack.'  Spritz you gave me wings daily ... till we meet again my friend ... ❤


  1. I feel for you...On an aside, you have some amazing images to remember her by!

  2. Oh, no, Terri. I feel so bad to hear the news. I got tears in my eyes . Spritz, I am sure is part of your soul and has helped you become who you are today! Sorry to learn that your dear friend is no longer near you!

  3. Wow...that's some hardcore reality to deal with! I know it's always hard to lose a good friend...and out of the blue like that makes it even harder. All my best to you and don't forget to lean on him...that's what we guys are here for. I hope your boys are doing okay...Dennis



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