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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stormy Skies!

After the rain last night, we woke up to a mixed sky of sun and cloud.  On this particular Sunday, we as a family had to head over west, to Rimbey, Alberta and from there down to Innisfail, Alberta.  The entire drive produced some amazing clouds, warm sun, and in the distance you could watch areas being hit by rain showers.  There were many 'photo opps' but trying to convince my husband and two boys to let me stop ... doesn't necessarily pan out all the time!  I do want to mention, I saw another person get out of his car with a camera and tripod, by a slough, taking pictures of BIRDS (Ha ... I am not alone)!  
Anyhow, while in the passenger seat, and on our way home ... I was able to snap these amazing clouds building in the south ... (I was actually amazed they turned out as well as they did ... these are through the passenger truck window!)

Driving home, we managed to avoid stormy weather ... however, these clouds apparently did pack a bit of a 'Hail' punch for Innisfail, AB.

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