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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gone to the Birds!

I don't think I have a fascination for birds ... but my goodness, if I actually look at the pics I've posted ... YIKES!!!  It looks like I have a fascination for birds.  Perhaps its been due to the cold spring and the lack of color in the landscape?  The crops are through ... but just through ... the landscape is still so brown ... so grey.  However, birds/ducks seem to provide some source of color ... especially in the spring!  So maybe I don't really have a fascination for BIRDS, then again, I was at a branding today ... and not only did I get shots of the corrals, the calves, the wrestlers, the branding irons, the cows, the clouds ... but I also got pictures of BIRDS!!!  BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDS ... not colorful birds!   I rest my case ... I must seek help!  Haha!  Sorry for all of the darn bird pics!!! (PS ... just in case you were wondering... its a Yellow-headed black bird (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus)).

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