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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Relics in the Pump House

The old pump is sits just east of our house!  Many years ago, my husband and I discovered that the cement floor was made with a mixture of homemade cement and grader blades!  Who needs rebar ... when you have grader blades!  Although it still houses the pump for our well, it houses a few 'relics' from the past.  When the wooden door creaks open, you catch a glimpse into one of "Uncle Doug's" work areas.

There is an old wooden work bench underneath the window with recycled paint cans separating nuts and bolts, an old crank drill press mounted on the west wall, a stack of metal buckets recycled into heat lamps, and old swather canvases rolled up and placed across the roof trusses.  But my favorite site is of his oil can, perched on his make shift grinder wheel.   Yes, using the base of an old cream separator, he mounted his grinder wheel on top!

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