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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Joe's Truck!

Heading south-west into some of our native pasture, off the road and up on the hill, sits Joe's truck!  This late 40's (I'm guessing) International truck has great character, much like man who once drove this beast!  Joe was a very hard working, kind, soft spoken gentleman that always had a smile and a kind word.  He was raised and farmed in the area his entire life ... into his 80's.  He survived the dirty 30's, WWII, and all the bumps and bruises that go with farming.  I love seeing his old truck up on the hill.  It reminds me of his character, of those before us, of the hard times, yet it brings a smile to my face knowing Joe always had a smile!


  1. Love Joe's truck Terri. Great photo, great story. Love them all. Hope it's warming up. We actually had 2 das without a lot of wind, and I got all my pots planted.....cool & cloudy this moringin though. XXOO to you all.

  2. Thanks Gena! My photos seem hit and miss these days! Such a crazy time with the kids and spring seeding! The wind has finally let up over the last few days ... oooooh how the mosquitoes are enjoying that!!! I've yet to plant my garden or pots! .... I'm so far behind! Love and Hugs in Return! :)



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