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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Harvest Woes ...

In an attempt to fill the hopper one more time last night ... my Hubby blew the 'clean grain elevator belt!'  Luckily, we happened to have an extra one hanging in the shop so the boys had the pleasure of assisting their Dad!  

What cooked the belt ... the auger in the hopper plugging with wonderful dirty peas!  Yes, field peas are notorious for being dusty buggers and this year, although yielding well, our peas are certainly that ... dusty buggers!

With smooth sailing for a few hours ... **Murphy** visited us once again ... the gear box in the unload auger piled up!!!  There is nothing more frustrating than having great harvest weather ... knowing the weather is going to change and being shut down!!!  The joys of running older equipment I guess!  

On the bright side ... if we never had to fix equipment, our boys wouldn't have the opportunity to learn!!! (this is me always trying to point out the positives ... in which I am usually greeted with rolling eyes! LOL!)

After getting off the phone and narrowing the problem down to just the horizontal auger, we unloaded trucks and tucked them away in the shop and took the 'old green gal' back to storage for a few days!  

By 8:00pm the clouds were rolling and the rain began!  

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