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Thursday, July 31, 2014

July ... That OTHER Part!

So, while one might have 'escaped' for 5 days ... the hot, dry spell at home certainly through haying into the limelight on our return!!!  And with that, our haying season began ... just don't try to burn your first field down!  Eeeek!  That will get the heart pumping!  If your heart is still pumping ... then resume cutting!

Followed by ... raking and baling!  

... And a flat tire thanks to a deer antler!

Followed by a bit of late evening maintenance before heading off to the next field ...

Which is delayed due to RAIN!

But after the rain ... cutting resumes!  

Of course it would appear cutting hay attracts storm clouds ...

If your lucky, just a few drops fall and raking and baling can resume!

BUT it would appear the clouds like to threaten ...

When the threat is only a threat ... the hawks do their "thing!"  (I LOVE hawks!)

BUT ... if we are going to continue doing our "thing" another tractor tire needs to be replaced!  

In the meantime ... the night sky was calling me (from twilight to 3:00am)!!!

I often think back to when I was young and I remember just how much darker that big ole' beautiful night sky once was!  Light pollution is a bit of a pet-peeve!!!

Alas ... haying STILL isn't over and equipment needs to be moved north!

But as one man cuts the hay ... the woman patiently waits and therefore checks on hawks, cows and the odd moose!

But with the dawn of a new day ... raking and baling resume!

But as the day proceeds ... don't let your husband install air conditioning like this, despite the +30C temperature!

Make sure your children are involved ... that's how the learn!

And ALWAYS kiss your washing machine and keep the best laundry soap on hand!!! (And kiss your husband who works endlessly!)

And when you have most of the hay baled that was cut and the dust is beginning to settle!  Say "Good-bye to July!"  (Don't worry ... we're not done!  LOL!)


  1. Beautiful photos of the real working farm....the hard work & the beauty. They are haying here in France too. Love the fields with the balls of hay. And wow your night sky....amazing!

    1. Thank you Sally! :) Summer is a busy time but there is definitely beauty to be found with the work!

  2. Oh my goodness, these are absolutely stunning, Terri!!!!! We only have a small hay field, but I understand the work and worry that goes into farming. We finally found a farmer who could come and cut our hay. My husband tossed and turned every night when the lightning filled the sky and the thunderstorms came rolling in. He was hoping it wouldn't rain and make the hay moldy! Fortunately, the hay was raked and saved, unlike two years ago. The guy we hired waited so long to bale the hay that almost all of the bales were worthless and moldy! Once, again, amazing shots!

    1. So glad you found someone that got your hay put up in good shape this year Renee! There is nothing worse than seeing your feed rot in the field. :(



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