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Thursday, July 31, 2014

July ... The Fun Part!

Sometimes "Life" happens and when it does ... time seems to speed up just that much faster!  Our July has been jam-packed with a much needed short holiday sandwiched in between the necessities of running a mixed farm!  So, here is a run down of just what has been going on around here this summer!

Trying to escape for a few days meant a few extra long days trying to process calves, sorting cows and heifers and moving them all out to their summer pasture!  Of course, if you can sneak in a lesson on 'how to milk a cow' while your at it ...

After literally throwing together our camping gear ... we were off!

After a smokey start thanks to the forest fires burning near Nordegg, AB, we found ourselves at Purden Lake, BC!!!  

Then it was off to our actual destination ... Bowron Lake Provincial Park and historic Barkerville, British Columbia.

Looking at this small historic gold rush town, one might question what there is to do there.  However, we spent 2 days immersed in the mid 1800's and could have easily spent at least one more!  Barkerville is rich in Cariboo gold rush history and the people that keep that history alive are worth their weight in GOLD!  Truly an amazing place and one we highly recommend!  

Of course, if your going to go all the way to Barkerville ... you might as well throw on the canoe and paddle Bowron Lake!  We didn't have time to do the approximately 7-10 day circuit of lakes but ... we'll be back and SOON!!!

If you cram all of this into a couple of days (including a 5:00am morning paddle) ... very busy boys have naps in the vehicle!  Haha ... a method to my madness!  LOL!  And with that we started our journey home!  

When your husband takes his turn in the passenger seat and falls asleep ... who knows where his wife is likely to turn off!  I spotted the signs on our way out but was determined to stop on our way home!  Who Knew????  Simply amazing!!!

Our final night of camping ... Mt. Robson!  It really is beautiful and of course, camping just wouldn't be the same without Banana boats ... campfire style!  SO GOOD!!!!

And with that, we packed our gear and headed back into Alberta!  

Of course we did have to stop for one final family pic op!!!  Although we drove about 2500km (a few extra km's thanks to some charming road closures on our way home) in only 5 days ... we laughed, learned, relaxed and had a blast!  Family time is precious time and I hope we can do some more family R&R SOON!  


  1. What a wonderful family vacation! I have missed your amazing photos & these are some very special ones. I almost feel like I have gone camping. And that Goldrush town....how cool! You have a beautiful, happy, active family & I am just in awe! So glad you had so much fun & then shared it all here. Happy rest of the summer!

    1. THANK YOU so much Sally! I've had a horrible time posting this past month as life has just been crazy busy BUT I am finally getting through all of my images and will be updating the rest of them very soon! Our holiday was quick but so enjoyable!!! Barkerville truly is an amazing historic town! We loved it there! Here's to all of us enjoying the remains of summer!!!

  2. I was wondering where you were! I love Barkerville! You made a great choice in shooting the photos in black and white! Your little guy has lost his baby face! Thanks for taking me on your vacation! I love the photo of your feet on the canoe! The colours and the clouds are amazing! We took our first son to Barkerville when he was a toddler in little overalls. I remember him standing next to the corrals looking way up to the huge beautiful workhorses. You just brought back a lot of great memories! Man, time does fly! He is about to be a father himself in January! Yip, I am going to be GRANDMA! What the heck!

    1. Holey smoley!!!! Really? I can't believe you are going to be a Grandma!!!! That is so awesome! Congratulations to your son! I am looking forward to hearing about 'Baby Bumps' arrival and what wonderful, creative things 'Grandma' will forge!!!

      We LOVE Barkerville! It is such a wonderful place! The boys had a blast! I only wish we could've stayed longer! We might just have to return sooner than later!

    2. ... And our youngest has lost his baby face. :( Boo Hoo ... our babies grow up much too quickly!!!! I will be a horrible 'empty nester!' I know that already!



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