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Friday, June 13, 2014


I was hoping for a Friday the 13th Full Moon but the clouds had their way!  Hence a snapshot from my morning *cow check!*  Calves are cute and comical at the best of times but these 3 managed to find the smallest plot of buck brush out in the open grass, and wedged themselves into hiding!  Gosh ... they are so well hid, especially the bigger bull calf off to the right!  I just don't know how we will EVER find them???!!!  Hahaha!


  1. So cute! I thought when I saw you had left a comment on my blog that you were up awfully late but then I thought ...I bet she is up trying to get a photo of that moon....sorry the clouds did not cooperate .....it was beautiful here but I did not think to take a photo.....lol

    1. I might be a bit of a "Night Owl" ... Yes, the clouds didn't cooperate but I'll take the lil' bit of moisture they left behind. I'm glad you had beautiful weather and a clear moon! *sigh* ... France in the moonlight! ... *sigh*



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