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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Passing Through

I find our prairie sloughs fascinating!!!  I know ... weird eh?  Haha!  The truth is, our prairie pothole sloughs are so often overlooked and ignored yet they are FULL of fascinating wildlife at different times of the year.  (Geek ... I know!)  These beautiful mottled rusty, plump birds are Long-Billed Dowitchers (Limnodromus scolopaceus).  This is their breeding plumage and they are passing through our province and heading to the wet Arctic tundra to their breeding grounds.  You can thank Dr. Butler from the UofA and the mandatory wildlife identification courses for filling my head with this stuff!


  1. So many beautiful photographs! I just love all of your nature shots....the birds especially but I also love seeing photos of your life on the farm. So glad you had such a nice Mother's Day !

  2. Great shots...and its a treat to see a photog want to know what their subject is and all about!

  3. Absolutley stunning Terri. Omgoodness; just better and better all the time....!

  4. Great stuff. I haven't shot any bird photos this spring. I need to get out there



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